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How Old Do You Have to Be to Get a Hotel Room? Find 18+ Hotels Below!

If you’re under 21 and looking for a hotel room you’ve come to the right place. We have many hotels for 18 year olds near you. There are hundreds of hotels across the United States and Canada that rent to customers 18+. Don’t let age restrictions get in the way of your trip. Select your state and book your hotel room today in one of many hotels where you can be 18 to check in!

If you’re looking for hotels that allow 18 year olds to check in check out our nationwide selection below. There are hotels with 18 check in available in nearly every major city in North America. We have hotels in hundreds of cities including Orlando, Chicago, Dallas, New York City, Myrtle Beach, Los Angeles, Boston, Fort Lauderdale, and hundreds more.

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We recommend that you only use the hotels directly listed on our website. Not all hotels available through our affiliate partners allow everyone 18 and older to check-in. 

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Hotels 18+ – Hotels for 18 year olds

alabama hotels that rent to 18 year olds
birmingham and more
Alaska hotels that rent to 18 year olds
Juneau Anchorage 18+ hotels and more
Arizona hotels 18+ Phoenix Tempe Scottsdale Tuscon and more
Arkansas hotels 18+ Little Rock and more
California hotels for 18 year olds Anaheim Los Angeles San Francisco and more
Colorado hotels 18+ Denver and more
Connecticut hotels 18+ Hartford
Delaware hotels 18+ Dover
Florida hotels 18+ Orlando Kissimmee Tampa Fort Lauderdale Panama City and more
Georgia hotels 18+ Atlanta St. Simmons Savannah
Hawaii hotels 18+ Honolulu and more
Idaho hotels 18+ Boise
Illinois hotels 18+ Chicago Springfield and more
Indiana hotels 18+ Indianapolis and more
Iowa hotels 18+ Des Moines
Kansas hotels 18+ Topeka Overland Park
Kentucky hotels 18+ Frankfort Lexington Louisville and more
Louisiana hotels 18+ New Orleans Baton Rouge and more
Maine hotels 18+ Augusta
Maryland hotels 18+ Baltimore Greenbelt
Massachusetts hotels 18+ Boston
Michigan hotels 18+ Detroit Ann Arbor
Minnesota hotels 18+ Minneapolis St. Paul
Mississippi hotels 18+ Jackson
Missouri hotels 18+ Kansas City Springfield Branson
Montana hotels 18+
Nebraska hotels 18+
Nevada hotels 18+ Las Vegas Reno Carson City
New Hampshire hotels 18+ Concord
New Jersey hotels 18+ Newark Trenton Atlantic City
New Mexico hotels 18+ Albuquerque Santa Fe
New York hotels 18+ NYC Manhattan Brooklyn Albany
North Carolina hotels 18+ Charlotte Raleigh Durham
North Dakota hotels 18+
Ohio hotels 18+ Columbus Cincinnati Cleveland
Oklahoma hotels 18+ Oklahoma City OKC
Oregon hotels 18+ Portland
Pennsylvania hotels 18+ Pittsburgh Philadelphia Harrisburg
Rhode Island hotels 18+ Providence
South Carolina hotels 18+ Charleston Hilton Head Columbia Myrtle Beach
South Dakota hotels 18+
Tennessee hotels 18+ Gatlinburg Nashville Knoxville
Texas hotels 18+ Houston Dallas Fort Worth Austin and more
Utah hotels 18+ Salt Lake City
Vermont hotels 18+ Burlington
Virginia hotels 18+ Richmond Williamsburg Alexandria
Washington hotels 18+ Seattle Spokane Olympia and more
Washington DC hotels 18+
West Virginia hotels 18+
Wisconsin hotels 18+ Madison
Wyoming hotels 18+

Other regions

Canada hotels 18+ Vancouver Toronto Montreal Calgary Banff
Mexico hotels 18+
Europe hotels 18+

Can you get a hotel at 18? Yes you can! We have hotels that let you check in under 21. View our top destinations below.

Orlando, Florida – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels


Despite not being a coastal city, Orlando is the most popular location on our website. It’s often booked as a Spring Break destination and features such attractions as Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort. Fortunately we have wide variety of hotels in Orlando for 18 year olds.

Chicago, Illinois – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

Chicago’s metropolitan area is the third largest in the United States and features shopping on Magnificent Mile, world-class museums, and a wide variety of art and music culture. Chicago has an abundance of hotels with many renting to customer under 21.

New York City, New York – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

New York City has too many attractions to list which allows it to rank highly on our popularity list. The largest city in America has a vibrant arts and culture scene alongside top-notch clubs, landmarks, and businesses. This is actually one of the less difficult cities for people under 21 to get hotel rooms so we have a sizable list.

Boston, Massachusetts – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

Boston is a city with a rich history and a bright present. It’s a national hub of education and high technology with plenty of landmarks to attract tourism. We have a wide selection of quality hotels in Boston for 18 year olds.

Los Angeles, California – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

Los Angeles combines a sunny environment with big city amenities. Fortunately there are many hotels in Los Angeles that rent to customers under 21.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

Fort Lauderdale sees a strong demand for hotels, especially during the Spring Break season. But age restrictions don’t need to hold you back and you can enjoy your trip with our selection of hotels.

Daytona Beach, Florida – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

Another popular Spring Break destination, Daytona Beach sees a strong hotel demand from customers 18 and older.

Dallas, Texas – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

The Dallas Fort Worth area is one of the most populous in America and requires a lot of hotel supply. We have plenty of hotels in the area for people under 21.

Miami, Florida – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

Spring Break and summer travel are prime times for Miami tourism and we have plenty of high-quality options for customers 18 and older.

Atlanta, Georgia – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

Atlanta has both warm weather and headquarters for many of the world’s largest corporations. And we have plenty of options to meet the demand.

Clearwater, Florida – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

Home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Clearwater is a highly popular tourism destination the sees significant demand on our website.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

Myrtle Beach is an excellent place for Spring Break and summer travel. Businesses and beaches make this one of the most popular locations for booking on our website.

Miami Beach, Florida – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

Miami Beach gives visitors proximity to a big city and some of the most beautiful beaches in America. Hotels is this area tend to be more expensive but we have found affordable options for travelers under 21.

Tampa, Florida – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

A trip to Tampa gives visitors access to big city amenities such as the Channel District and major sports teams while being close to beaches on the Gulf of Mexico. This destination is highly popular for hotel stays for Spring Break, summer vacations, and even winter deals.

Minneapolis, Minnesota – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

Minneapolis is both home to Fortune 500 companies and home to a vibrant music and culture scene. This city is popular for hotel bookings throughout the year.

Panama City Beach, Florida – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

Our customers love the pristine white sandy beaches of Panama City Beach. Fortunately we’ve found hotel options for your getaway to this unique destination.

Destin, Florida – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

Destin is highly popular for Spring Break travel but age restrictions can get in the way of travelers under 21. But there are options for customers 18 and older to enjoy their time off.

Houston, Texas – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

Houston is both a center of commerce and in close proximity to the beaches of Galveston and the Gulf Coast. Why not combine business and leisure with a trip to Houston and its surrounding area?

Detroit, Michigan – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

The Motor City has faced its share of challenges but is returning to health with the help of growing business and a vibrant cultural scene.

Washington DC – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

Our nation’s capital is home to diverse cultures, free quality museums, and national landmarks. Whether you’re traveling for leisure or on business we have hotels for travelers under 21 in Washington, D.C.

Columbus, Ohio – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

Capital of the state of Ohio and home to The Ohio State University (OSU), Columbus attracts visitors throughout the year. Additional attractions include the Columbus Zoo and the highly active Arena District.

Baltimore, Maryland – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

Maryland’s largest city is rich in history and home to John Hopkins University. Fortunately we have hotels available for travelers under 21 in this popular city.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

Home to major sports teams and some of the founding events of the United States, Philadelphia is well worth a visit.

West Palm Beach, Florida – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

This popular sun destination is now easily accessible for travelers 18 and older.

Phoenix / Tempe, Arizona – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

Phoenix is an excellent combination of culture and nature with a wide selection of quality museums and proximity to national landmarks such as the Grand Canyon.

Charlotte, North Carolina – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

This North Carolina city makes a fine destination.

Jacksonville, Florida – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

Consider this coastal Florida city for your next trip.

Pensacola, Florida – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

A smaller city in Florida with beautiful white sand beaches.

Denver, Colorado – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

The mile-high city close to numerous attractions.

Cocoa Beach, Florida – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

Another coastal Florida destination well worth visiting

Charleston, South Carolina – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

A popular coastal city in South Carolina.

Newark, New Jersey – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

Home to professional sports teams and adjacent to New York City.

St. Louis, Missouri – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

Home to the famous Gateway Arch

Nashville, Tennessee – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

Enjoy the music scene in Tennessee

Atlantic City, New Jersey – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

A popular New Jersey coastal destination.

Anaheim, California – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

Visit this popular California city near Los Angeles

Kissimmee, Florida – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

Just south of Orlando Kissimmee is a popular destination for Spring Break travel.

Honolulu, Hawaii – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

Escape the continental United States to the beautiful climate of Honolulu.

Hollywood, Florida – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

Less than 20 miles from Miami this is a popular destination.

Indianapolis, Indiana – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

Frequently searched midwestern destination.

St. Petersburg, Florida – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

Combines beautiful Florida beaches with proximity to Tampa.

Key West, Florida – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

Cleveland, Ohio – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

Fort Myers, Florida – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

Richmond, Virginia – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

Gatlinburg, Tennessee – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

Cambridge, Massachusetts – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

Raleigh, North Carolina – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

St. Paul, Minnesota – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

New Haven, Connecticut – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

Seattle, Washington – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

Edison, New Jersey – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

Hartford, Connecticut – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

Memphis, Tennessee – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

Key Largo, Florida – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

Naples, Florida – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

Grand Rapids, Michigan – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

Memphis, Tennessee – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

Brooklyn, New York – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

Albany, New York – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

Cape Cod, Massachusetts – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

Austin, Texas – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

New Orleans, Louisiana – 18+ Check-in Age Hotels

How many times have you seen a hotel with a minimum check-in age of 21? If encountering this threatens your travel plans, you have come to the right place. We have hundreds of 18+ hotels. Through our network of partner hotels, we at youthSociable are bringing the hotel room to anyone 18, 19, or 20 years old. Take a peek at our wide selection of accommodating accommodations and find the perfect hotel for your travel stay.


Can you check into a hotel at 18?

There are plenty of hotels that 18 year olds can check into but finding hotels you can check into at 18 can be difficult. Fortunately nearly all cities have some hotels for people under 21. Exactly which hotels allow 18 year olds varies by city and is rarely consistent across price and location. Additionally there are cheap motels for 18 year olds and five star resorts for 18 year olds since price is generally not the determining factor.

Why can’t you get a hotel room at 18?

We have found many hotels that allow 18 year olds to check-in but there are still many others hotels that require guests to be 21. Reasons for these policies vary and can include risks relating to drinking laws, potentially lower insurance rates, and stereotyping of young people.

Do hotels check ID for age?

Not every hotel will check ID for age but all hotels reserve the right to do so and turn away customers that do not meet their policies. We do not recommend trying to use fake IDs or rely on a hotel not checking, especially since there are so many hotels that actually want your business.

Can a 19 year olds check into a hotel?

In the U.S. nearly all hotels pick a check-in age of either 18 or 21 so 19 year olds face the same challenges in finding hotels as 18 year olds. Our lists of hotels are designed to help all customers that are 18, 19, or 20 years old.

Can you check into a Holiday Inn or Marriott at 18?

Check-in age policies are generally set by the hotel itself and not by the corporate brand. Because of this we have found check-in ages of 18 for some Holiday Inn hotels and 21 for other Holiday Inn hotels. Since check-in age policies vary by hotel we do not recommend relying on hotel brand names for check-in age policies.

All Cities (USA) with Hotels that Rent to 18 Year Olds

AlabamaBirmingham 18+ HotelsDecatur 18+ HotelsHuntsville 18+ HotelsMobile 18+ HotelsAlaskaAnchorage 18+ HotelsFairbanks 18+ HotelsJuneau 18+ HotelsArizonaFlagstaff 18+ HotelsPage 18+ HotelsPhoenix 18+ HotelsScottsdale 18+ HotelsSedona 18+ Hotels Tempe 18+ HotelsTucson 18+ HotelsArkansasFayetteville 18+ HotelsFort Smith 18+ HotelsLittle Rock 18+ HotelsCaliforniaAgoura Hills 18+ HotelsAnaheim 18+ HotelsBerkeley 18+ HotelsBurbank 18+ HotelsCerritos 18+ HotelsFresno 18+ HotelsHuntington Beach 18+ HotelsIrvine 18+ HotelsLa Jolla 18+ HotelsLaguna Beach 18+ HotelsLompoc 18+ HotelsLos Angeles 18+ HotelsLong Beach 18+ HotelsLos Banos 18+ HotelsMammouth Lakes 18+ HotelsMilpitas 18+ HotelsMonterey 18+ HotelsNewport Beach 18+ HotelsOakland 18+ HotelsOntario 18+ HotelsPalm Springs 18+ HotelsPasadena 18+ HotelsPetaluma 18+ HotelsRancho Cordova 18+ HotelsRiverside 18+ HotelsSacramento 18+ HotelsSan Bernadino 18+ HotelsSan Diego 18+ HotelsSan Dimas 18+ HotelsSan Francisco 18+ HotelsSan Jose 18+ HotelsSanta Ana 18+ HotelsSanta Barbara 18+ HotelsSanta Clara 18+ HotelsSanta Cruz 18+ HotelsSanta Monica 18+ HotelsStockton 18+ HotelsSunnyvale 18+ HotelsTorrance 18+ HotelsValencia 18+ HotelsVictorville 18+ HotelsColoradoAspen 18+ HotelsAurora 18+ HotelsBoulder 18+ HotelsBreckenridge 18+ HotelsColorado Springs 18+ HotelsDenver 18+ HotelsKeystone 18+ HotelsVail 18+ HotelsConnecticutHartford 18+ HotelsNew Haven 18+ HotelsNiantic 18+ HotelsOld Saybrook 18+ HotelsDelawareDover 18+ HotelsWilmington 18+ HotelsFloridaAmelia Island 18+ HotelsBradenton 18+ HotelsClearwater 18+ HotelsCocoa Beach 18+ HotelsDaytona Beach 18+ HotelsDestin 18+ HotelsGainesville 18+ HotelsFernandina Beach 18+ HotelsFort Lauderdale 18+ HotelsFort Myers 18+ HotelsHollywood 18+ HotelsHomestead 18+ HotelsJacksonville 18+ HotelsKey Largo 18+ HotelsKey West 18+ HotelsKissimmee 18+ HotelsLake City 18+ HotelsMiami 18+ HotelsMiami Beach 18+ HotelsNaples 18+ HotelsOrlando 18+ HotelsPanama City 18+ HotelsPanama City Beach 18+ HotelsPensacola 18+ HotelsSarasota 18+ HotelsSt. Petersburg 18+ HotelsTallahassee 18+ HotelsTampa 18+ HotelsTitusville 18+ HotelsWest Palm Beach 18+ HotelsGeorgiaAtlanta 18+ HotelsAugusta 18+ HotelsColumbus 18+ HotelsJekyll Island 18+ HotelsMacon 18+ HotelsSt. Simmons Island 18+ HotelsSavannah 18+ HotelsHawaiiHilo 18+ HotelsHonolulu 18+ HotelsMaui 18+ HotelsWaikoloa 18+ HotelsIdahoBoise 18+ HotelsIllinoisBloomington 18+ HotelsChampaign 18+ HotelsChicago 18+ HotelsLe Roy 18+ HotelsPeoria 18+ HotelsSpringfield 18+ HotelsWaukegan 18+ HotelsIndianaColumbus 18+ HotelsElkhart 18+ HotelsFt. Wayne 18+ HotelsGranger 18+ HotelsGreenwood 18+ HotelsIndianapolis 18+ HotelsKentland 18+ HotelsLafayette 18+ HotelsMichigan City 18+ HotelsIowaDes Moines 18+ HotelsWest Des Moines 18+ HotelsKansasKansas City 18+ HotelsOverland Park 18+ HotelsWichita 18+ HotelsKentuckyCovington 18+ HotelsFrankfort 18+ HotelsGeorgetown 18+ HotelsLexington 18+ HotelsLouisville 18+ HotelsNewport 18+ HotelsLouisianaBaton Rouge 18+ HotelsLafayette 18+ HotelsLake Charles 18+ HotelsNew Orleans 18+ HotelsWest Monroe 18+ HotelsMaineAugusta 18+ HotelsBar Harbor 18+ HotelsEllsworth 18+ HotelsPortland 18+ HotelsWaterville 18+ HotelsMarylandAnnapolis 18+ HotelsBaltimore 18+ HotelsLanham 18+ HotelsLaurel 18+ HotelsOcean City 18+ HotelsMassachusettsBoston 18+ HotelsCambridge 18+ HotelsCape Cod 18+ HotelsDeerfield 18+ HotelsSpringfield 18+ HotelsWakefield 18+ HotelsMichiganAnn Arbor 18+ HotelsBenton Harbor 18+ HotelsColdwater 18+ HotelsDetroit 18+ HotelsFlint 18+ HotelsGrand Rapids 18+ HotelsKalamazoo 18+ HotelsLansing 18+ HotelsSault Ste Marie 18+ HotelsMinnesotaDuluth 18+ HotelsMinneapolis 18+ HotelsSt. Paul 18+ HotelsMississippiBiloxi 18+ HotelsGulfport 18+ HotelsJackson 18+ HotelsMissouriBranson 18+ HotelsColumbia 18+ HotelsKansas City 18+ HotelsSt. Louis 18+ HotelsMontanaBillings 18+ HotelsHelena 18+ HotelsMissoula 18+ HotelsNebraskaLincoln 18+ HotelsOmaha 18+ HotelsNevadaCarson City 18+ HotelsLas Vegas 18+ HotelsReno 18+ HotelsNew Hampshire– – Dover 18+ HotelsLebanon 18+ HotelsPortsmouth 18+ HotelsWhite River Junction 18+ HotelsNew JerseyAtlantic City 18+ HotelsEdison 18+ HotelsMt. Laurel 18+ HotelsNewark 18+ HotelsPrinceton 18+ HotelsToms River 18+ HotelsTrenton 18+ HotelsNew MexicoAlbuquerque 18+ HotelsGallup 18+ HotelsLas Cruces 18+ HotelsSanta Fe 18+ HotelsTaos 18+ HotelsNew YorkAlbany 18+ HotelsAmherst 18+ HotelsBatavia 18+ HotelsBrooklyn 18+ HotelsBuffalo 18+ HotelsJamestown 18+ HotelsNew York City 18+ HotelsNiagara Falls 18+ HotelsRochester 18+ HotelsTarrytown 18+ HotelsNorth CarolinaAsheville 18+ HotelsBuxton 18+ HotelsCape Hatteras 18+ HotelsCharlotte 18+ HotelsDurham 18+ HotelsFayetteville 18+ HotelsGreensboro 18+ HotelsRaleigh 18+ HotelsStatesville 18+ HotelsWilmington 18+ HotelsWinston-Salem 18+ HotelsNorth DakotaFargo 18+ HotelsOhioCincinnati 18+ HotelsCleveland 18+ HotelsClyde 18+ HotelsDayton 18+ HotelsFindlay 18+ HotelsSaint Clairsville 18+ HotelsSandusky 18+ HotelsSpringfield 18+ HotelsToledo 18+ HotelsOklahomaOklahoma City 18+ HotelsTulsa 18+ HotelsOregonEugene 18+ HotelsPortland 18+ HotelsSalem 18+ HotelsPennsylvaniaCarlisle 18+ HotelsDanville 18+ HotelsDenver 18+ HotelsErie 18+ HotelsGettysburg 18+ HotelsHarrisburg 18+ HotelsLancaster 18+ HotelsPittsburgh 18+ HotelsPhiladelphia 18+ HotelsWilkes-Barre Scranton 18+ HotelsYork 18+ HotelsRhode IslandNewport 18+ HotelsProvidence 18+ HotelsSouth CarolinaBluffton 18+ HotelsCharleston 18+ HotelsColumbia 18+ HotelsDillon 18+ HotelsFlorence 18+ HotelsGaffney 18+ HotelsGreenville 18+ HotelsHardeeville 18+ HotelsHilton Head 18+ HotelsMt. Pleasant 18+ HotelsMyrtle Beach 18+ HotelsNorth Charleston 18+ HotelsSpartanburg 18+ HotelsSouth DakotaRapid City 18+ HotelsSioux Falls 18+ HotelsTennesseeChattanooga 18+ HotelsGatlinburg 18+ HotelsKnoxville 18+ HotelsMemphis 18+ HotelsNashville 18+ HotelsTexasAmarillo 18+ HotelsArlington 18+ HotelsAustin 18+ HotelsBaytown 18+ HotelsBrownsville 18+ HotelsCollege Station 18+ HotelsCorpus Crisiti 18+ HotelsDallas 18+ HotelsEl Paso 18+ HotelsFort Worth 18+ HotelsGalveston 18+ HotelsHouston 18+ HotelsLaredo 18+ HotelsLubbock 18+ HotelsNew Braunfels 18+ HotelsPharr 18+ HotelsSan Antonio 18+ HotelsSan Marcos 18+ HotelsTyler 18+ HotelsWichita Falls 18+ HotelsUtahPark City 18+ HotelsSalt Lake City 18+ HotelsVermontBurlington 18+ HotelsMontpelier 18+ HotelsStowe 18+ HotelsVirginiaAlexandria 18+ HotelsCharlottesville 18+ HotelsFredericksburg 18+ HotelsManassas 18+ HotelsNewport News 18+ HotelsRichmond 18+ HotelsStaunton 18+ HotelsWilliamsburg 18+ HotelsWinchester 18+ HotelsWashingtonBellingham 18+ HotelsEverett 18+ HotelsOlympia 18+ HotelsSeattle 18+ HotelsSpokane 18+ HotelsTacoma 18+ HotelsVancouver 18+ HotelsWashington DC 18+ HotelsWest VirginiaCharleston 18+ HotelsWisconsinGreen Bay 18+ HotelsMadison 18+ HotelsMilwaukee 18+ HotelsWyomingCheyenne 18+ HotelsJackson 18+ HotelsLander 18+ Hotels

All Cities (Canada) with Hotels that Rent to 18 Year Olds

Banff 18+ HotelsCalgary 18+ HotelsEdmonton 18+ HotelsHamilton 18+ HotelsKamloops 18+ HotelsKelowna 18+ HotelsLondon 18+ HotelsMontreal 18+ HotelsNiagara Falls 18+ HotelsOttawa 18+ HotelsQuebec City 18+ HotelsToronto 18+ HotelsVancouver 18+ HotelsVictoria 18+ HotelsWhistler 18+ HotelsWinnipeg 18+ Hotels

A Guide to Getting a Hotel for under 21

There is a lot of confusion over hotel check-in ages. Some people think check-in ages are always 18, others think they are always 21, and many more have no clue and avoid hotels altogether.

We want to make it simple for customers 18, 19, or 20 years old to get a hotel room across the United States and Canada.

Who decides and why?

The most common minimum check-in ages for hotels are 18 and 21 with a small minority of hotels setting check-in ages at 25. Contrary to popular myth, these ages are rarely set by government law and are typically a policy decided by the hotel itself.

Hotels are ultimately in business to make money and allowing younger customers can mean higher insurance rates or risks involving drinking laws. Prejudice on the part of hoteliers can also play a role as some will follow stereotypes about young people if they believe it can save them money. Such discrimination is generally legal and if you don’t like it, vote with your wallet (and your ballot as well)!

18, 21, or 25?

We found a lot of people under 21 could not easily find a hotel despite many hotels being available to serve them. Our goal in developing youthSociable.com was to create a source to access hotels that rent to customers 18 and older across the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

By selecting a country, state, and city from above you can view hotels that rent to customers 18 and older. Our partner is Booking.com which provides excellent hotel prices by leveraging its size in dealing with hotels. Please support our website and hotels with more open check-in policies by booking through our affiliate links.

Book your trip today and bon voyage!

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