18+ Check-in Hotels in Fort Lauderdale

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Marriott’s Beach Place Towers

Luxury Choice! Featuring an outdoor pool and choices between hotel rooms, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom villas.


Highly Popular! This low-cost hotel has a wide variety of room types.

Hampton Inn Ft. Lauderdale / Downtown Las Olas Area

La Casa Hotel

Embassy Suites Fort Lauderdale – 17th Street

Under 21 and looking to book a hotel room? We have five hotels in Fort Lauderdale, Florida that rent to guests 18 and older.

Why Fort Lauderdale?

Fort Lauderdale is one of our top destinations and for good reasons. It sits along the beautiful Florida coast and makes for a great destination for all seasons with Spring Break being especially popular. Fortunately even travelers under 21 can get hotel rooms in this in-demand city.

Our hotel links go to Booking.com, a third-party hotel booking website. We recommend that you only use the hotels listed directly on youthSociable.com because not all hotels listed at Booking.com allow everyone eighteen years of age and older to check in.

We have several hotels in the Fort Lauderdale area that rent to customers 18 and older.