How to Get a Hotel Room @18

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If you’ve arrived at this website, you have probably already realized the difficulty in getting a hotel room if you’re under the age of 21. Fortunately, there are plenty of hotels willing to rent to anyone age 18 or older but until we came along, it used to take a lot of searching.

Findings the hotels

We’ve done our best to compile these hotels into one place. Just click on the “Hotels (18+)” tab to get started.

Getting the room

  • Although finding a hotel ready to rent to people under 21 can be difficult, most areas have at least one hotel with lower age requirements.
  • Some hotels may require a major credit card or deposit but under 21 surcharges are rare compared to the rental car industry.

Other tips

  • Make sure to check the hotel’s website for current policies. Some hotels may have changed their policies without informing us.
  • Be aware of cancellation policies and any extra fees charged by the hotel. Many reservations can be cancelled until a few days before arrival for no charge. Other reservations do not offer a refund or charge a fee equivalent to the first night’s stay.
  • If you are flexible on dates, look at a few different dates and you could find rates are dramatically different.
  • Make sure to find out parking rates. This is especially important at high end, downtown, and luxury hotels where parking is typically more expensive.
  • For more tips see our savings guide.



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