5 Ways to Save Money on Your Hotel

Hotels can be expensive but there are several easy ways to save on your next stay. At youthSociable, we have done the work of finding hotels that rent to all adults but we also want to help you get a good price next time you travel.

1. Book with us!

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We have partnered with Booking.com to bring you low rates on top hotels that rent to travelers 18 and older. Booking.com offers its customers a Best Price Guarantee and you can benefit from this by booking through our provided links.

2. Choosing flexible dates

Hotels have a fixed number of rooms but varying demand so staying on low-demand days can save big money. Looking at the hotel’s rate calendar can mean big savings by avoiding high-demand days.

3. Parking costs

Before reserving the room, make sure to find out how much parking costs at the hotel. In downtown areas, parking can add 20% to the total cost of the stay. In other cases, nearby parking may be cheaper than the hotel’s own parking. Certain hotels also offer a choice between self-parking and valet parking with self-parking almost always being less expensive.

4. There are many rates available

Hotels typically have several rates available to different groups of people. Fortunately, it’s rare for a hotel to charge extra to customers under 21 but there are still ways to save. Many hotels offer a lower AAA rate, a student discount, or an advance booking rate. For those willing to commit to pay in advance, an advance booking rate can often save you more than 10% off your total stay.

5. Consider airport hotels

Many airport hotels offer a free airport shuttle which would save you the money on transportation. At the same time, compare airport hotels with off-airport hotels as airport hotels can charge a premium price for their convenient location.

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