New York

New York has laws in place requiring rental car companies to rent to customers 18 years of age and older.

“Car rental companies in New York are required to rent to licensed drivers who are 18 years of age or older. However, they may charge a surcharge for drivers who are under 25. The amount of the surcharge can vary substantially from one car rental company to another, so shop around.”

New York AG Website

Since New York State law has already opened renting a car to licensed drivers 18 and older, youthSociable’s focus in New York is to find renters with the lowest surcharges for drivers between the ages of 18 and 20.

As of this writing, the only other state with similar laws in place is Michigan.

Please note that youthsociable does not provide legal advice and you should always review existing policies and consult a lawyer regarding legal decisions.

Unfortunately hotels in New York often have age restrictions so we have compiled a list of hotels serving customers 18 and older in New York.