Why You Should Visit Washington, D.C. in the Winter

Have you ever wanted to visit our nation’s capital? Why not? It’s full of unique restaurants, museums (often free), and landmarks. And no matter how much you dislike today’s political climate it’s great to see the halls of power at least once.

Many people treat D.C. as a summer destination but there are major reasons to move your summer trip to the winter.

Smaller crowds

Crowds of tourists can make any destination less pleasant and D.C. is no exception.  A winter trip means shorter lines, less crowding, and fewer little kids running around.

You’ll be able to see more in less time and enjoy each day more.


D.C. was originally built on a swamp and the summer weather reflects what nature intended. Hot, muggy summers are commonplace and tougher to tolerate when packed into crowds of tourists.

Lower hotel prices

Hotels know their peak demand and price accordingly. If you go during the summer you’re bidding against a lot more people for the same hotel rooms. It’s not uncommon for hotels to be priced at less than half their summer rates during the winter.

If you really want to save try to time you trip around the holidays. D.C. is a full of various professionals using hotel rooms. When these people leave for the holidays hotels need to fill their empty rooms resulting in even bigger savings.

Book early

Booking early can mean significant savings and many hotels allow you to cancel for free if your plans change. If you need a D.C. hotel check out these accommodations which rent to customers 18 and older.

The Mayflower Hotel, Autograph Collection

Capital Hilton

Hotel Harrington

Holiday Inn Washington-Central/White House